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  ·Regulations on National Economic Census  2005-06-27 11:21:36
  ·Administrative Provisions for Statistical Investigation Projects' Examination and Approval  2005-06-27 11:20:59
  ·Management Method of the State Statistical Investigation Certificate  2005-06-27 11:20:21
  ·Classification Standard of Large/Medium-sized Non-industrial Construction Projects  2005-06-27 11:19:46
  ·Regulations on the composition of gross wages  2005-06-27 11:19:09
  ·Detailed Rules for Implementation of Statistics Law of People's Republic of China  2005-06-27 11:18:32
  ·Interim Measures for Administration of Foreign-related Social Survey Activities  2005-06-27 11:17:37
  ·Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools  2004-08-17 13:33:40
  ·Provisions on Administration of Foreign Investment in International Maritime Transportation  2004-04-28 16:27:33
  ·Regulations on Labor Protection in Workplaces Where Toxic Substances Are Used  2003-11-12 17:09:18
  ·Measures of the PRC for the Supervision and Administration of Imported Instruments of Measurement  2003-10-30 16:40:57
  ·Administrative Rules on Establishment of Permanent Representative Offices of Foreign Waterway and Highway Transport Enterprises  2003-10-30 16:39:21
  ·Customs Regulations of the PRC for the Supervision of Inbound and Outbound Trains and the Goods and Commodities Thereon  2003-10-30 16:37:39
  ·Regulations for Supervising International-Shipping-Agency Services  2003-10-30 16:35:48
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