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Focus News Posted: 2015-06-02 09:25:30

China new rules show mercy to "kin concealment" of illegal gains

     China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Friday issued a judicial interpretation showing leniency to people who conceal their relatives' criminal proceeds.

According to the new rules, first-time offenders found to have hidden illegal gains for members of their immediate family shall be exempt from criminal punishment as long as they confess and hand over the money.

The rules are in accord with Chinese social ethics and should be easily accepted by the public, said an unidentified judge with the SPC, adding better effect of law enforcement can be expected.

In ancient China, the principle of "kin concealment" prevailed, banning people from making accusations against their relatives or testifying against them.

The rules which go into effect on June 1, apply to illegal gains of 3,000 (490 U.S. dollars) to 10,000 yuan.