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Judicial News Posted: 2016-02-03 15:40:50

Top judges attend international conference on convergence of Asian commercial laws


An inaugural international conference on the convergence of Asian business laws, “Doing Business across Asia: Legal Convergence in an Asian Century”, was held in Singapore from January 21 to 22.

Zhang Yongjian, a senior judge of the Supreme People’s Court, attended the conference and delivered a speech on Chinese courts’ role in the convergence of Asian commercial laws.

Zhang said China is looking forward to legal coordination in Asia-Pacific and beyond as the country is expanding its opening-up and pushing ahead with implementation of the Belt and Road initiative.

Chinese courts are making efforts to align their application of laws with advanced international practices through review and application of foreign laws, judicial interpretations, establishment of legal precedents, and judicial cooperation and mutual legal assistance in the area of foreign-related lawsuits.

Zhang also made proposals on promoting convergence of Asian commercial laws, such as attaching greater importance to unified ideas about the rule of law, stressing unified rules, getting started from soft laws and model laws, aiming for regional convergence first, undertaking comparative legal studies, and enhancing judicial assistance among courts.

The conference, which was initiated by Singapore’s Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and received positive response from courts in China, Australia, India and other countries, hopes to resolve adverse effects the diversified legal systems of Asian countries and regions may have on cross-border economic and trade activities.

The conference also saw the launch of the Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI), which will engage in providing practical guidance in Asia’s legal development and promoting the convergence of Asian business laws.

Zhang and two other senior judges at the SPC, He Zhonglin and Jiang Huiling, were appointed as members of the ABLI’s inaugural board of governors.

The conference attracted some 500 judges, lawyers, government officials, business leaders and law professors from Asia and elsewhere.